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want to work with a great group of people in a really cool place, just ask me about it! you can too, do some great design work with a little colab!

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Before my stint at UMD, I spent about 12 years working in PR, writing, editing, designing, coding, you name it. I worked for a college, a medical non-profit, a lawyer's association, and did many interesting side jobs on top of it. Now, I teach mostly, but I also design for restaurants, construction company's, aquariums, artists and for many more interesting people and places. I love to cook, to garden, to read, to take pictures, and try just about anything new. I teach yoga too! I would love to make furniture and solve really big problems. Watch here for some pics of what I have worked on.

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Student Work

I love working with students. They do the most amazing are a few examples...

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