2-D Digital Design


Fall 2017 Schedule

Tuesday 10-11:30
Wednesday 1:30-3

August 29–September 28

Elements and Principles of Design: Illustrator P1
Pr1 + 2: Blackbox; Self-Portrait in 4

Tuesday, August 29
Introduction to Course; Discussion/Survey; Begin Illustrator Demo + 1st Project

Thursday, August 31
Design Elements & Principles; Adobe Illustrator Tools; Begin Project 1

Tuesday, September 5
More Illustrator Demo (Working in Layers; Shape Builder; Locking/Unlocking; Grouping, etc.); Work in Class on Black Squares/White Dots
Due next class: 1st Drafts done digitally for small group critique

Thursday, September 7
Small group critique of Project 1; Saving, File Formats and Printing Information; work in class
Due next class: Final printed drafts for full class critique (Remember: Print on Card Stock)

Tuesday, September 12
Full class critique of final printed compositions; Introduction to Project 2
Due next class: Hand-drawn sketches for each of the 5 compositions (should have 2-4 ideas for each); this includes a completed high-contrast sketch of your signature for one of the compositions that will be used for tracing

Thursday, September 14
Look at examples of design; Demo on more Illustrator tools (Pen and other drawing tools, tracing, color, etc.); Discussion of Color Theory; Work on recreating your ideas digitally
Next class: Have a good start on your digital drafts of each composition

Tuesday, September 19
More on Illustrator;  More on Color Theory; Work in class on digital drafts

Thursday, September 21
Full work day in class to have all compositions started and in draft form
Next class: Have drafts of all 5 compositions ready for small group critiques (may have more than one idea of each)

Tuesday, September 26
Questions about AI tools or project goals; Using Adobe Capture; Introduction to online portfolios (Behance) choose best direction and work on final draft (connect your Adobe account, look at help documents for how to use)

Thursday, September 28
Small group critiques of all 5 compositions; Final day to work in class; Work on creating portfolio in Behance and uploading some final compositions
Next class: Finalize compositions and upload to Behance (or other) portfolio; be ready for full-class critique

Tuesday, October 3
Full-class Critique of Project 2
Introduction to Project 3
For next class: Choose haiku or short poem (online examples) to work with for project; sketch ideas for typographic layout (look for inspiration in places like designspiration, Behance, Pinterest)

October 5–October 19

Typography: Illustrator Part 2
Project 3: An Illustrated Typographic Haiku

Thursday, October 5
Demo of Typography Tools and Considerations in Illustrator; Continue discussion of project and typographic rules & tips
For next class: Begin your typographic digital work in Illustrator—Have 3 possible directions

Type Terminology
Typographic Poster Examples
Project Discussion

Tuesday, October 10
Continue working in Illustrator on P3
For next class: Finalize your three different directions for the illustrated haiku; Choose background image for project's second iteration

Thursday, October 12

Tuesday, October 17
AIGA Conference Experience
Meet in small groups to choose best direction and get feedback for final changes; demo of beginning Photoshop tools for second poster with type and image; Finalize changes to type and begin working with image in Photoshop
For next class: Have straight typographic poster complete and have draft of Photoshopped image for background started

Thursday, October 19
Demo of joining type and image in Photoshop; Work on Photoshop background and bring in type from illustrator; Check-in with small groups for feedback
For next class: Complete both posters and have them printed and ready for critique

Tuesday, October 24
Final critique of both printed posters for Project 3

October 26–November 7

Photography Real and Imagined: Photoshop P1
Pr4: Monsters Real and Imagined

Thursday, October 26

Tuesday, October 31

Thursday, November 2

Tuesday, November 7
Critique of Monsters Real & Imagined; Introduce next project
Next class: Have your magazine article chosen; find photos and illustrations for project

November 7–Nov. 22

Illustration/Working in Layers: Photoshop P2
P5: Magazine llustration

Thursday, November 9
Photoshop Demo; Discuss/Look at Illustration Ideas; Begin Project

Tuesday, November 14

Thursday, November 16

Tuesday, November 22
Critique of Magazine Illustration; Introduce Final Project
Next Class: Have band name and genre chosen

Thursday, November 24: Thanksgiving

November 22–Finals

Combining Type and Image: Using PS and IL with InDesign
P6: Music Promotion 

Tuesday, November 28

Thursday, November 30

Tuesday, December 5

Thursday, December 7
Final work day in class