ASE Branding Guidelines (In Process)

Posted by in Uncategorized, on January 24, 2018

Current Guidelines / Process

Working on 11 x 17 Poster; Sticker; Social Media (FB/Instagram)

Specs for Poster as of 1/24/18

Content / Hierarchy of Type / Placement of Logo & Posting Space

Create the poster and other collaterals so that you could add other elements but still maintain a brand feel. This could be creating a typographic style that can have different graphics added or it could be a mask of sorts (see examples below).


Plan Moving Forward / Deadlines

Thursday 1/25 and Monday 1/29 Look at then submit different BRAND concepts on  (these will be reviewed by client and creative director to choose best Brand)

Thursday 2/1 and Monday 2/5 Best Brand for each "agency" will be chosen; then posters will be redeveloped to suit that Brand / Review and Turn in redeveloped Poster 

Monday February 19 Best 5-10 Brand Posters will be selected

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