Spring Project Resources: Packaging and Promo Items

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Cardboard for Box and Bottle Resources

Amazon (Corrugated Sheet—Have 5 Sheet Packs)

Neenah Paper (Folding Papers)

Staples  (Corrugated Cardboard or Chipboard Sheets)

Specialty Bottle (Small Bottles, Tins, Plastic, Jugs, etc.)

Dielines (a free guide to making packaging dielines) on thedieline.com and here is volume 2.

Laser Transfer Paper...Can print and transfer onto glass, ceramic, plastic, etc. Here is a video for instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnJ6zkfvaRI

Coupons for online work: https://www.joinhoney.com/

Big Frog T-Shirts (Duluth company that gives students a 20% discount. Can get a t-shirt for about $8.)

Specialty Products & Printing

Cafe Press

Red Bubble


Sticker You (customized labels, stickers, etc.)

Printers (in town)

UMD Print Shop (Heavy Paper in Large Format)
I am currently working with Amy to see what weight she can run through the printer. You will have to order your paper from Neenah or another resource and make sure it is a digital paper.

Stewart Taylor (T-Shirts / T0te Bags / etc.)
114 W. Superior Street
You can bring in your blank t-shirt or bag and they will print for around $22.

Sheldon Printing (Up to 4 x 8 foot sheet)
124 E. Superior Street
Best to have several people printing together and bring in your own materials. It will be around $100 for a full sheet and $50 for half. If you bring your designs together and have around 4-6 people per sheet then you each pay $15-25 per person.

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