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Designer’s Doing History

Posted by in GD 1, on January 18, 2018

GDIers, as we work on our historical designs, I am running into different design references with designers doing exactly that same thing. Here is one that just came through Print Magazine of Designers designing in the Surrealistic style.   Here is another one of a designer (Swissted) that used the Swiss Style to do band […]

Storytelling and Graphic Design

Posted by in GD 1, on October 6, 2016

How do we tell a story with graphic design? “The visual arrangement or ordering of elements with the representation, called syntax, also influences how we interpret meaning. We assign significance to the placement, orientation, and perceived hierarchy among elements with the visual field.” Meredith Davis in Graphic Design Theory For your booklet you are first […]


Posted by in GD 1, on September 27, 2016

Semiotics and Design What is Semiotics? The study of signs and symbols, especially the relationship between written or spoken signs and there referents in the physical world or the world of ideas. A core strategic method by which graphic marks, texts and images can be deconstructed and interpreted to determine underlying meanings. Signifier: A physical […]