Design Technology I


T./Th. 9-10
W. 12-2

Wednesday, January 10
1st Day of Class: Introductions; Class Expectations; Knowledge Survey + Technology Discussion; Overview of InDesign (Setting up your tools; Creating a document; Organizing your files, etc.)
Due: Response Sheet (in-class) Turn into Moodle Assignment

Wednesday, January 17
Photoshop Demo + Exercises; File Management; Color; Type; Organizing Assets; Introduction of Project 1; Social Media Sizes and Resolutions (100 pts) See Project Resources for more info.; Look at Examples; Setting up Document; Researching Idea

Monday, January 22
Check in with ideas and first drafts for Project 1; Cover other tools in Photoshop and other for Project; Studio Time

Wednesday, January 24
Look at first draft of SM ad; Discuss altering ad for other SM outlets; Work on other formats in class

Monday, January 29
Final Critique of Project 1; Begin InDesign; Redo Ad

Wednesday, January 31
Begin InDesign; Introduce Project 2: Print Advertisement and Direct Mail Piece; Discuss Specs
For Next Class: Choose Ad to Redo; Sketch Ideas

Monday, February 5
Work in Class on Setting up Document and Finding/Choosing Assets for Project
For Next Class: Be Prepared to show draft/direction

Wednesday, February 7
Show draft to instructor; Work in Class
For Next Class: Be Prepared to Show 1st draft in digital form for Full-Class Critique

Monday, February 12
Full-Class Critique of Ad and Direct Mail Project; Discuss Printing
For Next Class: Print Both Ad and Direct Mail Piece

Wednesday, February 14
Look at Printed Ad and Direct Mail Piece;  Project 3: Booklet (Content)
For Next Class: Choose specific content; Sketch ideas for layout, type organization/hierarchy, visual direction

Monday, February 19
In-Design Demo on Multipage Project (Grids); Color and Typographic Styling
For Next Class: Have In-Design Document Set-up + Type Styles and Colors; Begin Layout

Wednesday, February 21
Look at drafts in small groups for feedback; Work on Finalizing
For Next Class: Complete Full Draft for Digital Critique

Monday, February 26
Final work day; Complete for printing (Print Instructions)
Next class: Book printed and bound and ready for critique

Wednesday, February 28
Final Critique of Printed Book

March 5–9 Spring Break

Monday, March 12
Work in class on layout of book

Wednesday, March 14
Meet in small groups for feedback on first draft; Work on making changes
Next class: Complete second draft with all feedback integrated

Monday, March 19

Wednesday, March 21
Final Critique of Printed and Bound Booklet 

Monday, March 26

Wednesday, March 28

Monday, April 2

Wednesday, April 4
Final Critique of Email Newsletter

Monday, April 9
Begin Work on Final Project
Next Class: Choose direction for presentation and develop outline

Wednesday, April 11
Review Ideas and Outline; Work on creating system and determining color, type, and graphic styles for presentation by sketching either digitally or by hand

Monday, April 16
Review System and Wireframes; Work on Assets in Photoshop and Illustrator

Wednesday, April 18
Work on Assets in Photoshop and Illustrator; Begin work on InDesign Presentation
Next Class: Have all assets ready for and begin work on presentation

Monday, April 23
Complete first full draft of presentation to present next time

Wednesday, April 25
Review Presentation Draft and Plan for Final Changes

Finals: Critique of Final Interactive Magazine