Graphic Design III


Welcome GDIIIers!

Wednesday/Thursday, January 10/11
Course Intro. & Objectives; Our Process / Design Thinking; Project 1 Introduction
For Next Class: Create a Submit Poster and a Social Media post for the Annual Student Exhibition (ASE); Printed for next class. Research conceptual ideas for promotion of the ASE by doing 1st a mind-map, then by doing some visual research (be sure to create a clean and readable map with some graphic ideas as well as words and save your visual findings as well)

Annual Student Exhibition Promotion
Project 1: January 16–Feb. 1

Tuesday/Wednesday, January 16/17
Look at Submit Posters; Discuss research findings and more about Design Thinking; Discuss project specs. and visual research; Begin work on conceptual sketches
For Next Class: Bring sketches and ideas for promotion to discuss

Thursday/Monday, January 18/22
Look at final printed submit posters and upload digital versions along with ads to Moodle (see Moodle links to right); Discuss visual findings for ASE and sketches; Begin working on digital drafts; Have clear directions
For Next Class: Be prepared to show complete first drafts of project

Tuesday/Wednesday, January 23/24
Critique of Drafts; Finalize designs
Next Class: Be ready to show all final pieces

Thursday/Monday, January 25/29
Final Day to Work
Next Class: Finalize work on Promotional items and Print Poster

Tuesday/Wednesday, January 30/31
Final Presentation of ASE Promotion / Digital
Next Class: Have your work ready to turn-in to Moodle Assignment and for the A&D Poster Contest ( by Monday, February 5, 2018, at 7:00 am.); Find example of time-based infographic to share with class.

Monday/Tuesday, Feb 5/6
Begin discussion and work on Time-based Infographic Project; Look at Examples; Choose Direction and begin research
Next class: Be prepared with direction for work and information about topic; Also, have beginning sketches for concepts

Wednesday/Thursday, February 7/8
Review Goals of Project; Check in with research and sketches; Work on concepts and begin creation of assets; Discuss best practices for creation of assets; discuss storyboarding
Next Class: Have concept chosen, many assets created and storyboard complete; Be prepared to work with assets in After Effects

Monday/Tuesday, February 12/13
Begin work in After Effects; Demo of assets and creation of timeline, etc.
Next Class: Have a good start working in After Effects; Create roughs of each scene

Wednesday/Thursday, February 14/15
Work on project in class
Next Class: Be prepared to show fairly complete draft of Infographic

Monday/Tuesday, February 19/20
Look at rough in small groups and with instructor; Continue Working on Final Changes to Infographic
Next class: Finalize Infographic; Begin looking at different directions for exhibit design

Wednesday/Thursday, February 21/22
Introduction to ASE Promotion and Exhibition Design Project; (Presentation) Work on Exhibit Design with Groups, choosing concepting and work methods; Present at Infographic Draft to small groups
Next Class: Be prepared to show group potential directions for various parts of the exhibit

Monday/Tuesday, February 26/27
Work with groups to choose conceptual direction and determine next steps for production and distribution of work (presentation, didactics (labels, signage, etc, catalogue, winner announcement/signage); Begin working on drafts; Get help on infographic if needed

Wednesday/Thursday, February 28/Mar. 1
Look at drafts of infographic for final edits; Work on Drafts of ASE Brand/Exhibit; Expectations for ASE Exhibit; Presentation Example

March 5-10 Spring Break

Monday/Tuesday, March 13-14
Check-in with groups on work done thus far for ASE Exhibit and Promotion; Make list of all design pieces; parties responsible; schedule for completion, plus make a list of what additional items might be needed for making (i.e. vinyl, papers, stickers, plants, etc.) and what potential budget might be; Show instructor final Infographic plus all process work; Read and discuss pages from Wayfinding and Design is Storytelling
Next Class: Complete Infographic and have rendered as mpg, mp4 or mov file

Wednesday/Thursday, March 15-16
Final Critique of Time-Based Infographic

Monday/Tuesday, March 20-21
Visit Tweed (come prepared with questions); Drafts of all pieces should be complete by end of class; check-in with groups to decide on what needs to be done for completion

Wednesday/Thursday, March 22-23
Work on finalizing drafts for completion; work together on final presentations

Monday/Tuesday, March 27-28
Presentations of ASE Promotion and Exhibit Plans

Packaging and Presentation
Project 4: March 29–Finals

Wednesday/Thursday, March 29/30
Introduction to Packaging Project

Monday/Tuesday, April 2/3
Present product packaging plan + research and preliminary ideas + Digital Mood boards

Wednesday/Thursday, April 4/5
Work on refining branding ideas (can be still looking at various ways to approach logotype and illustration styles)

Wednesday/Thursday, April 11/12
final brand system loosely applied to packaging as well as presentation rough that should show product name and description, personality terms, competitive analysis, audience profiles, and visual research up to brand system; Work on refining final brand and finalizing logotype and illustrations and draft packaging 
Next Class: Be prepared to show final brand and packaging drafts

Tuesday/Wednesday, April 16/17
Work in class on packaging in 3D Dimension CC

Wednesday/Thursday, April 18/19
Present final branding system and packaging draft digitally
Work on refinement of packaging dielines; Work on Presentation design and missing pieces
Next Class: Work on application of brand and packaging to other products—be prepared to show next class

Monday/Tuesday, April 23/25
Work on final prototypes and prepare for printing; Should have draft of presentation complete

Wednesday/Thursday, April 25/26
Review Prototypes of one Package or labels plus box if applicable

Finals—May 1-5
Final Presentation (digital and 3D)
M/W 12 Class: Friday, May 4 12–1:55
M/W 2 Class: Wed. May 2 2–3:55
T/Th 10 Class: Tuesday, May 1 10–11:55