Graphic Design III


T./Th. 9-10
W. 12-2

Thursday, January 12
Course Intro. & Objectives; Our Process / Design Thinking; Project 1 Introduction
For Next Class: Look through Design for Good Inspiration links in Online Resources; Research Crossing Over and Bring Take Action campaigns and other findings for discussion

Design for Good: Take Action Campaign
Project 1: January 17–January 31

Tuesday, January 17
Discuss research findings and more about Design Thinking; Roundtable about issues for project; Discuss project specs. and visual research; Begin work on visual research and conceptual sketches
For Next Class: Bring sketches and ideas for collaterals to discuss

Thursday, January 19
Discuss findings and sketches; Begin working on digital drafts; Have clear directions
For Next Class: Be prepared to show complete first drafts of project

Thursday, January 26
Critique of Drafts; Finalize designs
Next Class: Be ready to show all final pieces in print form

Tuesday, January 31
Final Day to Work
Next Class: Finalize work on Campaigns and Print Poster; Reading on Sustainability

Thursday, February 2
Final Critique of Campaign; Begin discussion on Sustainable Design and Sustainable Living Project
Next Class: Do Visual and Content Research; Reading on Sustainability and Information Graphics

Tuesday, February 7
Review Goals of Project; Look at Design Sustainability; Check in with research and sketches; Start working digitally with digital sprint
Next Class: Do more visual research; Create some conceptual sketches

Thursday, February 9
Review visual research and conceptual sketches; Begin digital drafts
Next Class: Finish preliminary drafts of system with icons, and various color and typographic schemes

Tuesday, February 14
Critique on first drafts; Work in Class on Finalizing system and begin creation of presentation

Thursday, February 16
Continue Working on System and Presentation
Next class: Be prepared to show further drafts and ask questions for completion

Tuesday, February 21
Continue working and checking in; Review of Infographic Work; Check-in on Presentation
Next Class: Have first draft of presentations ready to show—should show work on audience, sustainable design, storyboard

Thursday, February 23
Look at Presentation Drafts; Work in Class

Tuesday, February 28
Discussion about Time-Based Work and Infographics; Finishing Presentation; Some Presentations

Thursday, March 2
Final Presentation

March 6-10 Spring Break

Information Graphics
Project 3: Time-Based Info-Graphic: February 23–March 23

Tuesday, March 14
After Effects Demo; Begin Work on Time-Based Infographic
Next Class: Should have all assets ready to work with for you animation plus finalize various decisions about audio, timing, etc.

Thursday, March 16
More AE Demos; Work in Class on Infographic
Next Class: Should be prepared to show first draft of animation

Tuesday, March 21
Show first draft of animation; Continue Working

Thursday, March 23
Finalizing animation making sure to make final decisions for work; Discuss next project
Next Class: Finalize animation for critique; Decide on Packaging Idea

Tuesday, March 28
Final Critique of Infographic Animation
; Begin Work on Packaging

Packaging & Presentation
Project 5: April 4–Final

Thursday, March 30
Final Critique of Infographic Animation;
Begin Work on Packaging
Next Class: Finish Animation and Export for Turn-In; Be prepared to show plan with research on product, competition, and audience (both visual and informative) and, also, preliminary sketches for new brand

Tuesday, April 4
Turn in Infographic (take a look at finals); Present product packaging plan + research and preliminary ideas

Thursday, April 6
Work on refining branding ideas; conceptualize multiple possible directions
Next Class: Be prepared to show at least 3 different moodboards + draft ideas for brand

Tuesday, April 11
Present draft concepts for product brand; Choose final direction

Thursday, April 13
Work on refining final brand and draft packaging ideas for product
Next Class: Be prepared to show final brand and ideas for package

Tuesday, April 18
Present final branding system and packaging draft

Thursday, April 20
Work on refinement of packaging
Next Class: Work on application of brand and packaging to other products—be prepared to show next class

Tuesday, April 25
Work on final prototypes and prepare for printing

Thursday, April 27
Review Prototypes

Finals—May 1-5
Final Presentation (digital and 3D)