Typography I

Typography 1

Fall 2017 Schedule

Tuesday 10-11:30
Wednesday 1:30-3

August 28–September 12

Letterform: History; Classifications; Anatomy
P1: Drawing Letterforms / Compositional Comparison

Monday, August 28 or Tuesday, August 29
Introduction to Course; Discussion

Wednesday, August 29 or Thursday, August 30
Type Styles/History/Anatomy (Presentation) cont.; Begin Project 1, Work in Class
Complete 1st draft for next class

Tuesday, September 5 and Wednesday, September 6
More discussion of Letterforms; Work in Class
Due next class: Digital Drafts complete for small group critique

Thursday, September 7 or Monday, September 11
Small group critiques of letterform composition drafts (digital); Matting and Framing, Play with value/transparency
Due next class: Final letterform compositions printed and Mounted

Tuesday, September 12 or Wednesday, September 13
Final critique of Letterform Project
Due Next Class: Turn in Project 1 to Moodle as a PDF; Look at Project 2 sheet (and student work examples) and have personality words selected and sketches for visual direction of cards; Look at one of the following websites about Type/Typography and be prepared to discuss something new you learn about Type/Typography (http://www.printmag.com/typography/http://ilovetypography.com/https://www.typography.com/ or any other type resource from my Online Resources Type lists)

Top 10 Sites for Designers: September 2017 Edition

September 13–October 10

Word: Fonts; Letterspacing; Scale; Choosing Fonts for Meaning
P2: Personality Cards

Thursday, September 14 and Monday September 18
Discussion of Type Form and Fonts as Meaning; Intro. to Project 2, look at examples work more on ideas for direction and begin looking at fonts for personality and main font for card
Next class: Finalize direction of cards and sketch ideas, by hand and digitally to show in small groups

Tuesday, September 19 and Wednesday, September 20
Discuss more typographic rules and techniques; Work in Class

Thursday, September 21 and Monday, September 25
Work in small groups to review ideas and 1st digital drafts and get feedback; Work in class on finishing full digital draft
Next Class: Have full digital drafts for small group critique

Tuesday, September 26 and Wednesday, September 27
Review full digital drafts in small groups; Setting up your cards for printing

Some Typography Finds: http://www.printmag.com/daily-heller/lettering-for-fun/http://www.printmag.com/daily-heller/listening-dead-type-ouija-board/

Thursday, September 28 
Final Work Day; Go over printing and trimming cards; Finalize in class for printing
Next Class: Have finals printed and trimmed by beginning of class period; Prepare for next project by looking at the typography on promotional posters (Pinterest; Designspiration; How Design)

Monday, October 2 and Tuesday, October 3
Full class critique of cards
Next Class: Prepare for next project by looking at the typography on promotional posters (PinterestDesignspirationHow Design); Look at Project Sheet and at the Project Resources Page and do some sketching of ideas

October 4–October 26

Paragraph / Page: Combining Fonts; Hierarchy
P3: Promotional Poster

Wednesday, October 4 and Thursday, October 5
Discuss Posters and Typography...Type and Image Integration; Begin Project 3
Next Class: Have sketches of ideas for typographic work and image

Monday, October 9 and Tuesday, October 10
More about type and image integration and flow and building hierarchy; Review visual directions with Instructor

Wednesday, October 11
Work in class on building ideas digitally

Thursday, October 12: No Class: Professor Gordon Gone to Conference

Monday, October 16 or Tuesday, October 17
Small group critiques of poster designs

Wednesday, October 18 or Thursday, October 19
Critique of Final Promotional Poster
Next Class: Read constitution and think about what part you want to design—find here. Begin thinking about what a typographic layout would look like and do some visual research on magazine layout. Project 4 Specs.

Multi-Page: Grids; Multi-page Layout
P4: Constitutional Redesign Book Pages

Monday, October 23 or Tuesday, October 24
Begin Project 4: Redesigning the Constitutional Amendments

Wednesday, October 25
Work on concept for book pages
Next class: Be prepared to show first draft of pages to small groups

Thursday, October 26
No Class—Fall Break

Monday, October 30 or Tuesday, October 31
Meet in small groups to go over book drafts
Next class: Work on final draft of pages for book; completing layout and finalizing images

Wednesday, November 1 or Thursday November 2

Monday, November 6 or Tuesday, November 7
Finalize book form; Prepare for Print (print in spreads)
Next class: Have final printed in spreads and ready for critique

Wednesday, November 8 or Thursday, November 9
Critique of Printed Spreads; Discuss Type as Logo; Introduce final project

November 13–Finals

Personal / Branding: Handlettering; Type as Mark
P5: Personal Mark + Business Card

15 Logo Design Trends Emerging Today

6 Things to Avoid When Designing a Logo

Monday, November 13 or Tuesday, November 14
Discuss Type as Logo; Introduce final project Review Booklet Changes and how to package; Vote on Covers for Sec 2 and 3
Next Class: Finish making final edits, save, package, zip and upload your final to Moodle; Find three to five different typefaces and sketch your initials with those forms; also play with putting the different forms together as one unit

Wednesday, November 15 or Thursday November 16
Continue work on sketches and begin working digitally; Discuss more about combining forms to make graphic marks
Next Class: Have sketches done to show and have begun work digitally

Monday, November 20 or Tuesday, November 21
Review sketches in small groups and with Instructor; Begin Digital Work

Wednesday, November 22
Work on digital drafts and begin work on signature as well using different fonts with different mark ideas
Next Class: Be prepared to show first draft of ...Mark, Color, Pattern

Monday, November 27 or Tuesday, November 28
Review Drafts and decide on best directions; finesse draft of mark, pattern and begin work on signature and business cards
Next Class: Be prepared to show drafts of signatures and business cards

Wednesday, November 29 or Thursday, November 30
Review signatures and business cards; Work in Class

Monday, December 4 or Tuesday, December 5
Review Second drafts of all and begin booklet layout and discuss final changes
Next Class: Have booklet draft to show with everything in place

Wednesday, December 6 or Thursday, December 7
Critique of all in booklet draft in digital form 

Finals: Printed Booklets 
MW 8 am class: W, Dec 13 8 am
MW 10 am class: M, Dec. 11, 10 am
TTh 2 pm class: T, Dec. 12 2 pm