Typography II

Course Schedule

T./Th. 9-10
W. 12-2

Wednesday, January 11
Introduction to Course; Overview of Fonts/Typography/Rules; Small Assignment

I: Letterforms and Anatomy
Project 1
January 11–January 30

Wednesday, January 18
Anatomy of Type; Study of Forms; Introduction to Project 1; Next Steps: Finessing compositions; Sketching your layout
Next Class: Choosing Final Fonts/Compositions; Sketching for Book Pages; Be Ready to Show Solid Ideas and Begin Digital Work

Wednesday, January 25
Setting up Your Book; Review of Grids; Review Ideas with Instructor; Work in Class to Build Book
Next Class: Be prepared to show document set-up and beginning layout

Monday, January 30
Review first draft of book in small group critiques; Work on finalizing book
Due next time: Be prepared to show final digital draft for full-class critique

Wednesday, February 1
Full Class Critique of Digital Book; Discuss preparing files for print
Due next time: Book printed

2: Typographic Rhythm
Projects 2 and 3
February 6–March 1

Monday, February 6
Go over printing process; Begin discussion about Project 2: Experimental Type Series. Haiku Music
For Next Class: Have Book Printed and Bring for Final Viewing; Choose Haiku and Music and also start sketching

Wednesday, February 8
Review printed books; Work in Class on sketching ideas for Haiku Series
For Next Class: have sketches complete and some work done on combining for musical compositions

Monday, February 13
Review Sketches with Gordon and beginning of Compositions; Work in Class on 3 Compositions
For Next Class: Be prepared with some work on final compositions to show in small group critiques

Wednesday, February 15
Small Group Critiques; Talk about Color and Papers

Monday, February 20
Paper Experimentation; Work on Finalizing Compositions
For next class: Finalize compositions for full class critique

Wednesday, February 22
Small Group Critiques of Haiku Musical Posters
For Next Class: Finalize designs implementing feedback and be ready for full-class critique of final digital posters

Monday, February 27
Full Class Critique on Digital Finals
For next class: Print final posters

Wednesday, March 1
Critique of Printed; Discuss next part of typography
Over Break: Visit a museum or exhibit and take pics of signage

March 6–10 Spring Break

3: Environmental Type/Experimental and Useful
Projects 4 and 5
March 6–April 12

Monday, March 13
Discuss Wayfinding/Environmental Graphics; Discuss Project Specifics and Steps; Begin Brainstorming
For Next Class: Decide on Direction, start sketching ideas, do visual research (make sure to keep all findings and sketched ideas)

Wednesday, March 15
Discuss direction with Gordon; Work in class to sketch ideas and do research
For Next Class: Complete visual research and sketching; be prepared to show findings and ideas to small group

Monday, March 20
Small group presentation of visual research findings and ideas for signage direction
For Next Class: Begin working on digital renderings of signs

Wednesday, March 22
Work in Class on Digital Renderings of Signage
For Next Class: Finish first draft of signs and labels

Monday, March 27
Work in groups to get feedback on project elements; Discuss 3D Modeling of Space and Signage
For next class: Continue working on all elements and put in presentation form

Wednesday, March 29
Continue working on final and discuss what is needed for final draft; Have Layout of Catalogue
For next class: Complete final draft of different elements including 3D Modeling

Monday, April 3
Work on Finalizing Presentation & Draft of Catalogue/Program
For Next Class: Finish first draft of book and be prepared to show to small groups

Wednesday, April 5
Present catalogue/program to small groups for feedback; Continue working to finalize

Monday, April 10
Final Presentation/Critique of Project

Final Project: Mark and LogoType + Business Card & Resume

Wednesday, April 12
Introduction to Final Project

Monday, April 17

Wednesday, April 19

Monday, April 24
Final Mark Complete; Drafts of Resume and Business Cards

Wednesday, April 26
Final Draft of Business Card & Resume

Finals Turn-In
Monday, May 1; 10-11:55 am